Nikon D200

18-200mm f3.5-5.6 AF-S VR DX

It always amazes me how nature manages to accommodate whatever we dump upon it.


~ by photodomo on April 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “overgrown”

  1. can’t hold nature back can you. Love the little bits of new growth on the branch also.

  2. This is cool as.
    Bit like the ancient temples in Thailand, Cambodia and places like that where the temples still (just) stand, and everything has grown, over, through and around them, taken the stone back over.
    Cool find.

  3. I love this one … I have been popping over to your blog for a few weeks now … this one is my favourite. It’s kinda brooding, the tree looks as though it is making a claim … almost possessive.


  4. Thanks for your comment and interpretation. I agree the tree looks rather possessive. The image also portrays a kind of reclamation. I guess an old rusty barrel can return to the earth without much fuss, depending on what’s inside it. Just dont think about places where they’ve dumped plutonium into shallow landfills inside 55-gallon drums and cardboard boxes. ;>

  5. Thanks for your comment museumofdirt. I also love locations where the past is “living” side-by-side with the present in some way. Mexico City comes to mind. Ancient temples in SE Asia would be fantastic. Do you have any examples? I dig your use of high-speed film. Big fan of 3200 ISO, especially with medium format.

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